The world needs a little peace, love and gratitude. Give the gift of gratitude.

Gratitude as a Mental Model

January 17, 2020

Over the last two weeks, I have been in Bali on a fast.   I’m about to com­plete it feel­ing bet­ter than ever.    Grat­i­tude got me through hunger, pains, cramps, tox­ins, caf­feine with­drawals, and to a place, I have even more grat­i­tude for the human body.

Recent­ly, I sep­a­rat­ed from my wife and moved out from my fam­i­ly.  A tough thing for a self-pro­claimed fam­i­ly man and repeat win­ner of the “Dad of the Year” with my kids.   My kids are already show­ing resi­lence, yet I know it is tough on them, tougher on me.  So as I searched for a new rou­tine, new men­tal mod­els, and new habits to improve my over­all out­puts and keep busy not think­ing about what I don’t have and con­tin­ue to push towards an atti­tude of grat­i­tude and appre­ci­a­tion for all that I do have.  I dis­cov­ered this idea of men­tal mod­els.   Now I am well versed in spi­ral dynam­ics and neu­ro-lin­guis­tic pro­gram­ming, yet men­tal mod­els enable us to solve prob­lems and han­dle sit­u­a­tions.  So I need­ed a tough men­tal mod­el to han­dle what I am going through and make the best of it.

Far­nam Street wrote a book on men­tal mod­els and you can begin an incred­i­ble learn­ing jour­ney on men­tal mod­els here,    As Far­nam Street has done a great job of break­ing down the lat­tice­work of exist­ing men­tal mod­els, I decid­ed to depart from their work and cre­ate a new men­tal mod­el that inte­grates all oth­er men­tal mod­els.   I think grat­i­tude is a men­tal mod­el you can lay on top of all oth­er men­tal models.

I still have a great rela­tion­ship with my ex-wife and my two kids.   I live in the same city and will see them often.   I have freed myself from some bag­gage that I was hold­ing onto and I feel lighter.    I see more clear­ly how I can impact the world.    I am excit­ed about how grat­i­tude has cre­at­ed a new future and appre­ci­a­tion for things I often take for granted.

So to be con­gru­ent with a brand I am cre­at­ing, Namaste Repub­lic.   I am liv­ing into being my best self and a future with peace, love, and grat­i­tude.   I am remind­ed every day as my wardrobe slow­ly shifts to all Namaste Repub­lic.  The pow­er of the brand to keep me focused on cre­at­ing new things that make me hap­py and focused on me just being hap­py has been amaz­ing for both me and my busi­ness part­ner Russ.    So I am glad I have tak­en the plunge into cre­at­ing Namaste Repub­lic as a self-ful­fill­ing prophe­cy.   A com­pa­ny that shines hap­pi­ness on our cus­tomers, which we call “fam­i­ly and friends.”    So wel­come to the fam­i­ly and start enjoy­ing the ben­e­fits of grat­i­tude and Namaste Republic.

With Valen­tines Day com­ing up in less than a month, I want­ed to share some LOVE with you.  As “LOVE” will get you 25% off at the check­out.   Share the LOVE and GRATITUDE.    Thank you for lis­ten­ing and I hope you find your best you.

Love, Aaron, Russ, & Bali.

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